Monday, October 13, 2008


I've added a playlist (below) for your listening pleasure. Yes, I know, I'm too kind. You're welcome.

Music is one of my favorite things in life. It means a great deal to me. Music invokes so many memories and feelings. I love hearing a song that I haven't heard in a long time. A song like Natalie Merchant's "Cowboy Romance" makes me think of a high school trip I took to Montana that involved merry-go-rounds and a distant thunderstorms. Not something I think of often, but her voice brings it all back in the blink of an eye. Dave Matthew's Band reminds me of college and Santana... oh Santana! His "Supernatural" album makes me think of being in love. And the song "Put Your Lights On" by Santana & Everlast is one that makes me want to do unspeakable things to a man...

Music is important in my life because I was surrounded by it growing up. My father loved classical music, and whether we liked or not, it's what we listened to every car ride. My mom was into the classic doo-whop oldies, Nat King Cole & The Righteous Brothers. Riding in the van with her was a lot more fun, and one song that will always remind me of driving up our old street while my mom swerved the van through puddles is "Down in the Boondocks".

Isn't it wonderful when a movie is set to awesome music? Some of my favorite soundtracks are from Love Actually, The Cutting Edge and City of Angels. A lot of TV shows now are known for their music, like Grey's Anatomy. I would love that to be my job...

So please enjoy the music I have provided below. Chances are the song you're listening to is one that, in some small way, touches my heart.

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