Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Heart Facebook

Facebook. Totally obsessed with it. I've had the opportunity to reconnect with so many people from all different stages of my life. Like, I found a girl that I last saw in the fifth grade! Facebook has helped me rekindle relationships with girlfriends from college that I hadn't seen or spoken with in years. Now we try to get together every month or so. But probably most interestingly, Facebook brought a boy back into my life who still makes me gooey inside... sigh.

What is it about those crushes that never go away? Like those celebrities we loved as kids, and whom we still defend. (Corey Haim, I'm talking about you... your drug problem wasn't your fault! It's the industry! It's Feldman's fault, he left you behind! You're still a cutie to me... even if you're a little skanky & puffy.) Anyway, why are there some people we just can't shake?

I think it's a combination of chemistry & romanticism. You can't deny chemistry. Either you have it or you don't, and when you do, look out because a breeze could make you go weak in the knees in lust with that person. And of course, romance. I mean seriously, if you couldn't make it work when you were seeing each other, lord knows it wouldn't work with all the miles, years & baggage you have between you. But romance makes you dream about it and wonder.

So right now, I'm doing a little wondering, but know in my heart that like all crushes, this one will undoubtedly fade away. Sigh... But I'll always have Facebook!

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