Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Time

So, I've recently started reading blogs, and figured that I can do this too. But, you know, I may not have a lot to say. Not to mention it seems that you have to have a certain amount of willingness to let other people (STRANGERS) into your life. And anyone that knows me knows I NEVER talk to strangers.

I don't know why. I don't think I'm socially awkward. I think I'm entertaining and funny and fun to talk to (especially after I've had a drink or two). So maybe for me to talk to strangers I need to be drinking... hmm. I suppose a light white wine in the morning wouldn't be too harsh, but then knowing my ability to get drunk in the blink of an eye, I'd never be able to leave my home. Drunk driving a minivan with 2 kids strapped (or maybe not, I would-hypothetically-be drunk) in back is not cool.

I have a friend, M, who makes friends everywhere she goes. In fact, one of my best friends, K, is a result of M's talent. I had my doubts when M told me they met at a hardware store, but K is great, and our kids love each other. Funny, because now I kinda don't like M so much anymore...

But I digress... and look where it got me! I'm sharing with strangers. Who am I kidding? No one will read this.

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Lori said...

Hey Stick! You found us!

Glad you've started a blog too. Its a great way to keep up with friends.

Take care!

The Mulsoff's