Friday, February 13, 2009

Janeabelle's Top Ten List About Being Home Alone

10. The quiet that enables one to finish a thought, write a list, read an email.

9. Napping.

8. Not having to meet demands, answer questions, and say no!

7. Vacuuming without screams, panic and 2 young boys trying to beat the vacuum to death with golf clubs.

6. Picking up around the house without having to worry about everything being taken out again or a new mess being created behind you.

5. Watching TV without interruptions.

4. Reading. Not the same page over and over, but actual progress.

3. Eating without anyone mooching half of it off or plate or gagging so loudly and persistently that you can't even eat it anymore.

2. Taking a shower and putting on lotion without having to worry about anyone barging in and asking you what "those hanging things" are.

1. How nice it is to have them all come back home again.

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