Monday, December 22, 2008

16 Random Things About Me

1. My first crush was Chad Allen. I also loved Corey Haim and Paul Moliter of the Milwaukee Brewers.

2. I've been arrested for shoplifting and sort of detained by the police for B&E. (Wow, as an adult that sounds just horrible. I can not believe I lived a life of crime.)

3. At my college the thing to do when turning 21 was to do 21 shots. I did them. I also puked so hard it may have damaged my brain. The very next day was my Dad's surprise 50th birthday party and the "Shot Tally" marks up and down my arms in permanent marker had not come off. My mother had a small stroke and insisted I wear a sweater. I got drunk and showed everyone anyway. There were a few doctors there who were amazed I didn't die and appalled when I told them we all did this. In retrospect, those medical professionals weren't so dumb...

4. I still know most of the words to Lost In Your Eyes and Electric Youth from Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth album.

5. I love romance novels. Half naked English Lord circa 1850ish? I'm in.

6. I had a boyfriend in high school that I had no idea how to break up with, but I told all my younger sisters that I was going to do it. One night he came over and I was working up to ending things when my sister Molly yelled out the window, "I thought you broke up with him". Not exactly smooth, but it did the job.

7. I once ate a pot brownie in college having no idea that I would be high for like 24 hours after. I had to finish a summer session music class the next morning by presenting a term paper on Woodstock (no joke). Then I had to go into work. Luckily my job consisted of sitting at the Information Desk and occasionally answering the phone.

8. I'm the oldest of 10 kids.

9. I go tanning. I do it because sometimes I get a little depressed and need to feel warm. I don't do it to get tan and I don't look like Donatella Versace, but that's no excuse for possibly jeopardizing my health. I'm a total hypocrite because I tell everyone it's evil and not to be done, but... it makes me feel good.

10. I totally believe that there is a Demon who haunts back roads and highways. He attacks cars in the dark. Has a car behind you ever just kinda disappeared? The Demon got them. Some advice, it's better to be the lead car, unless you're smaller.

11. I love cooking and my dream is to go to The Culinary Institute of America or Le Cordon Blue in Paris.

12. I worked in the bakery at the Kohl's grocery store. I hated everything about it, especially the way it cramped my high school social life. Unbeknownst to my parents I quit. My dad was PISSED. He went to the store manager to get my job back, but couldn't because they had already hired someone else. He did get them to hire me back as a checker. That was not the end of my dad's meddling ways in the Employment Department.

13. The smell of ketchup makes me want to barf.

14. Speaking of barf, in grade school I was going to be Frosty the Snowman in our Christmas pageant. This was to be my debut as an Entertainer! I would be famous thereafter. Alas, the night before I got the flu. Puke everywhere. No amount of tears would convince my parents that I could go on with the show. A dream died that day.

15. This one is disgusting. I had a boyfriend in high school who went to the big public school in town. At his after-prom party they had those Sumo Wrestler costumes, the big inflatable ones. I laughed so hard in that costume that I wet my pants. No amount of Lysol sprayed in that thing could have eliminated the disgusting. I'm laughing at my shame.

16. My "Porn Star" name is either Sadie Taylor or Squeaky Fairview... I answer to both.

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